Saturday, September 27, 2014

Before and After: Jessica's Bathroom

Jessica's Bathroom before (text).jpg

 My friend Jessica is a mommy to 4 children and an amazing photographer. I’m not sure where she found the time to do her mini bathroom remodel , but she’s a crafty girl with an eye for a bargain and good design, so where there’s a will, there’s a way. Would you believe this whole bathroom remodel cost her a mere $83.50?! See the breakdown in what Jessica had to say:  

All the walls and ceiling were painted. The wall behind the toilet and mirror are a light shade of grey, the rest of the walls & ceiling are white ($2.50 for oops paint & leftover white from other rooms). Cabinets were painted a dark grey ($17). Mirror was cut down and framed ($5 to cut, $30 for framing). Repurposed flowers and new yellow ones ($2) and I got new hand towels ($2.50 for 2 at Target this week). I made the little framed art next to the mirror with free paint chips and frames I already had ($0)! New rug from Costco ($13). Mirror above toilet from Goodwill in Turlock, it was brand new in the packaging still ($7.50). Scrubbed the tile & grout today with some heavy strength grout cleaner we already had... it looks brand new! I have one last little project... I bought a large canvas from the thrift store for $4 (someone had started a painting but didn't finish it) that will have a quote of some sort stenciled on it. I'm very proud of how it all turned out... if only it would stay this pretty and clean... I'm sure the kids will have it smelling like a boy’s bathroom soon!

And here is the refreshing after…
Jessica's Bathroom-5.jpg

Jessica's Bathroom-4.jpg
Jessica's Bathroom-6.jpg