Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thankful For...Gold Flatware

 Here it is. The Holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Are we throwing Halloween in there now? Like most people I know, my hubby and I have to decide between going to my family’s get together or his. Up until recently, he has had to work on holidays, so I’m usually left to do my own thing, (but that’s beside the point). For the past 9 years or so, my aunt has held the baton for the Thanksgiving bash. She has a great house for entertaining. Open floor plan, new construction, high ceiling, fireplace, something I can’t know the type. Anyway, the one thing you can count on her pulling out for this special occasion is her gold flatware. My first experience with gold flatware was at her house on this very holiday. My emotions were multifarious (nice word, huh? I used a thesaurus). Being someone who loves things that are out of the ordinary, I was drawn to this flatware, but being someone who likes tradition (who am I?), I scoffed quietly at the display. At this point in my life I hated all things gold. I never wore gold jewelry and I most certainly wouldn’t have gold flatware. Since then, my feelings about gold have changed, but that could be a whole different post.

 Thinking about that gold flatware and what she is going to do with the table scape, I’m excited for it to make it’s annual appearance. There are so many lovely things you could do with this flatware. Think of the possibilities! Actually, stop thinking, I’ll show you. I’ve scoured various pins on Pinterest and compiled a lovely collage of ideas for your enjoyment.

Flatware collage black and white-4.jpg

Black and White

Gold flatware natural.jpg


Gold flatware tea time.jpg

Tea Time

Gold flatware modern.jpg